Thermographic Inspection

Tremcour is one of the pioneers of the use of thermography in America. Our technicians are all certified thermographer Level II, and they are highly competent.

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Visual Inspection Using Camera

In addition to the common fiber optic equipment, we offer you a wide range of cameras that can meet most of your needs for remote visual inspection or in hard to reach places.

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Detailed 3D Scan Services
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Tremcour Neutrotest Inc. has provided professional preventive and predictive inspection services adapted to the needs of businesses since 1979.

With its expertise and leading edge equipment, Tremcour Neutrotest can help you evaluate the condition of your equipment and optimise it for best results. 

Improve your bottom line, reduce stoppage time and secure your facilities’ and equipment’s useful life. 

Tremcour Neutrotest offers quick, safe, reliable service to a broad client base throughout Eastern Canada. 

  • Chemical plants 

  • Petrochemical plants 

  • Pulp and paper 

  • Specialized engineering firms

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